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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Inspirational Women....Amazing Friends

 I feel so blessed to have such wonderful woman in my life to call my friends.  Obviously as time passes you get older, life changes the relationships you form with people grow over time.  Through my career and the companies I have worked with I have had the opportunity to make friends with lots of working woman like myself that I truly admire.  Two of these woman I talk to every week, rarely see, but love them like sisters, and are two of my best friends.  They always pick up the phone when I call, offer candid advice as moms and professionals, and are my own little cheering squad.  Some days I wonder how I got so lucky to meet these woman and only hope I am half the friend they are to me to them.  There is a lot of exciting things going on in their lives right now and I wanted to write this post to let them know how much I appreciate  their friendship and how proud I am of them.

First there is Jaime.  I met Jaime when I was working for Physicians Endoscopy as my company worked closely with hers.  She was the rep for the Georgia market and we became instant friends the day we met.  I kind of fell in love with Jaime.  She is smart, beautiful, kind, ambitious,  generous, and most importantly super mom.  A few years after we met Jaime had her second baby and decided to leave the corporate world and take the risk of starting her own company. With her fabulous husband Harry they created Naturalmond.  Naturalmond Butter is her grandfathers almond butter recipe and is seriously the most amazing nut butter you will ever eat.  Jaime was wildly successful in her previous positions,  so it was no doubt that Naturalmond would take off.  It has taken off so much that in this months O Magazine she is featured under Oprah’s favorite things. 

 I am beyond happy for the success they are having with Naturalmond, and truly admire Jaime for all that she has accomplished.    With the dream of someday having my own company she is an inspiration to me, and someone I look up to with so much respect for taking risk and going after her dreams.  I am so happy to know you and you deserve every bit of goodness that is coming to you through the hard work you have put in and for being an amazing person that makes this world so much better by being in it.


Then there is my friend Amanda.  Amanda and I go back to my days of working at Covidien.  I spent two weeks training with her in Michigan when I started, and she taught me everything I needed to know about selling medical devices.  The woman is a super star sales person with a heart of gold.  She doesn’t blink an eye if you need something, and is always there to listen objectively to whatever I have to say.  About two months ago my boss and I were driving to a business meeting and he said “Nicole I would like to find two other people just like you to fill the Central and West Zone VP jobs.”  Amanda was the first person that came to mind, although I will humbly admit I think she is better then I am J.   I knew the second my boss met Amanda he would want her on our team.  After a month of conversations my wish to work with this amazing woman again is coming true and we will be dominating the outpatient cath lab business as a team starting July 29th.  I could not be more happy to work with someone I admire professionally, as a mother, friend, and person.  We are going to kick some butt!   

I love you both and am so proud of your success, thank you for making a difference in my life and everyones around you!  Cheers!


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